Eggs of Infinity (1976)

The eggs of infinity
hatch and roll, downhill,
to the season of their choice,
where they are boiled
in an era of reality,
salted heavily in tears,
and served up to the thieves
out in the undergrowth,
who sell ’em back to God,
who never sees ’em.

Character Assassination

They offed my favorite soap opera character.
He was poisoned and strangled, found dead in a crashed Porsche.
Could have been his mercenary stepfather, mistress, daughter or maid.
He’d recently argued with them all, though not at once.
And his recent heavy drinking problem was getting in the way of his coke abuse.
Maybe it could have been his dealer or the drifter he’d abused at the station.
They found an eight page suicide note, penned by his spurned wife,
pinned to his pant leg by a large kitchen knife. No fingerprints.
Daughter has disappeared with stepbrother. Were spotted on another network.
Maid and mistress, both beautiful, have grown close and whisper a lot.
Evil stepfather is same suit size and has a huge closet. Drifter was in a union.
Could have been his bookie. Horse tranquilizers were found in his blood.
The only ones who cried at the funeral were his wife and the drifter’s lawyer.

Plant Life (1974)

Press the petal to your hand with my heart.
It needs you beyond the mere forest of our limbs.
While bitter tears in barren ground remain,
This seed must grow larger than our sorrow,
Pollinating the dead. Our dreams will rise
In flowers and our fields will join in love.
All the happiness we know will be this earth.

Role Call

Later for you, paratrooper.
The dawn just ate your target.
Another war will crop up before nightfall.
Otherwise, what will we do with our tanks?
Somewhere, another terrorist is born.
And a schoolkid shaves his head, anticipating.

Tavern Talk (1998)

We all elbowed up to the bar,
thinking Sunday/Monday
in a Tuesday kind of way.
On the t.v. came another launching.
Puppets on the railing
gave us shoeshines.
Everyone was thinking entertainment.
We had many colonies to dream of.
All the while the bottles danced with dust.
Rusty old men climbed inside the jukebox.
Sounded like an earthquake stirring pinballs.
Acolytes were washing hands in draft beer.
Someone passed a monkey begging peanuts.
"Witness the dawn," a paranoiac whispered.
And around us, the night crumbled.

Lewd Division

At first there was amorous addition,
soon followed by sexual subtraction.
And then came perverse multiplication,
leading naturally to lewd division.
Some drew the line at pornographic calculus,
after struggling through hot geometry,
Then they put away their slide rules and protractors
and went off on a tangent about the offensive nature
of numbers, how gross they found pi r squared,
and the first time they saw isosceles
in the hypotenuse position. The remainder
is a cube root, to be sure.

Death Decks Out (1999)

Death decks out in painful forms,
staggered hours and waiting lines,
fighting foul earth winds and storms,
searching for more grand designs.

Man is fruitless, funny, hollow,
trapped inside a shell of time.
Leaders fall and nations follow.
Death alone can solve the rhyme.

Tick on, clock with broken hands.
Comfort ages. Sorrow stands.
Hope eternal, spring anew,
as we bid our time adieu.

Push a button for a vision.
Drop a coin into a slot.
Man approaches his decision.
Time is slow but death is not.

Dig ye deep and dig ye plenty.
No one knows his length of stay.
Some bow out at ten or twenty.
Others crawl toward judgement day.

Turntable Earth

A pit full of waxed nostalgia
awaited the takers of sound,
a groove in the earth like a natural birth,
all the needles gone deep underground.
When a feathery wisp like a dancer
sifted up from the earth to the sky,
a spattering rain, a heartbeat in pain,
etched a music that made the world cry.
And the slow dance of wind that soon followed
brought on night which swept feeling away.
When the curtain of dawn opened up its bright yawn,
there arose the song of a new day.

Fire at the Opry (1974)

I love a tall cowboy who’s lovin’ his saddle.
My horse n’ my beer n’ my hungry guitar.
My yard is a mess n’ my dog looks like heaven.
I don’t think my poor neck will stretch very far.
Look away. Look away, muddy water.
The elastic prairie has snapped in my back
n’ the dirt is all risin’ in buckets.
I run from a crime that I can’t even see
n’ my stomach is filled with gold nuggets.
Look away. Look away, climbing river.

Coup d’etat 101

One day they’ll teach in public schools
how Republicans were tools
of some evil autocrats,
treating folks like fleas or gnats,
promising the rich more wealth
while the nation lost its health.
They were sneaky. They told lies.
Some of them were even spies.
At their head a demagogue
posed as god but was a cog
in an overarching scheme
to bring down a country’s dream.
They would drill in sacred soil.
Nothing was immune to spoil.
They were always on the take,
called all accusations fake.
Their contempt for all our laws
had the public dropping jaws.
So it was when this cabal
found itself nailed to the wall
citizens sang justice songs.
Traitors were jailed for their wrongs.
History calls it failed coup.
Be aware, they’ll seek re-do.